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170th IIC Vienna, Austria

The International Instructor Course (IIC WIEN 2023) in Vienna this past weekend was an unforgettable success, marked by both excitement and unexpected obstacles. Despite facing a sudden venue change due to geopolitical concerns, the organizing committee, fueled by the record-breaking participation of over 500 enthusiasts from 33 nations, triumphed over adversity.

Originally set at the Jewish Hakoah sports hall, the seminar faced a last-minute cancellation, forcing a rapid search for an alternative venue. The dedication of the organizing committee, led by Christina Mechaček, Master René Walter, and Elmar Kickingereder, ensured the event's continuity. Their tireless efforts led to the IIC being held with almost no disruptions, making it the largest in European Taekwon-Do history.

The three-day event, started with a banquet in Vienna's "Heurigen" district, provided a platform for participants to connect, enjoy Viennese culture, and share the joy of Taekwon-Do. Grand Master Paul Weiler's inspiring speech set the tone for the seminar, emphasizing the shared passion for Taekwon-Do and the pursuit of a more peaceful world.

The technical committee, Grand Master Héctor Marano, Grand Master Ung Kim Lan, and Master Jerzy Jedut, delivered a diverse range of sessions covering various skill levels. Special guest Master Virginia Dionisi added her expertise, leaving participants eager for more. The women's get-together and a spectacular Sunday session further enriched the experience, fostering connections and strengthening the bonds of the global Taekwon-Do community.

The organizing committee extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved, from the technical committee and board members to the additional Grand Masters, instructors, and assistant instructors. Their dedication, combined with the trust and positive feedback from the participants, made IIC WIEN 2023 an unparalleled success. The event not only overcame challenges but emerged as a testament to the resilience and unity within the Taekwon-Do community.

A sincere thank you to all who contributed to this historic IIC!

The Organization Committee: Christina Mechaček, Master René Walter, Elmar Kickingereder and the entire Austrian team


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